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April 29, 2002 - Monday
I picked Jeremy up from his baby-sitter today as I do most Mondays and Fridays and he smiled at me when I came over to see him. Last Friday, though, his mother, home for an odd Friday, was the one to pick him an and she told me that when she walked in he smiled and squealed and his arms and legs started pumping. Harry used to do that for me, too, when I was the one getting him from daycare early on, but not Jeremy. It's my own fault, too. He's with his mother so much more than me and with me so much less than Harry was at that age. It's a classic second child problem, I guess, but one that needs to change. I'll be spending a lot more time with Jeremy when his mother goes back to work full time in July, but still that will be me with both boys. It's Jeremy that I need to get to know better.

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