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May 4, 2002 - Saturday
Jeremy has his first tooth! We didn't even know it was coming, though that's probably because Harry didn't get a tooth until he was darn near nine months old and we just weren't looking for it from Jeremy yet. And, even if we had been, Jeremy always seems to have his tongue sticking out a little and covering his lower gum. We only found out about it when his mother happened to have her figure in there. I still have yet to actually see the tooth.


We took the boys to a local artists open studios today to look at art. Their mother and I used to go to these all the time, but haven't been to one in two years for obvious reasons. And, today certainly had the potential to be a disaster with Harry getting either bored and tired as the afternoon moved on or want to stay at one of the studios forever. But, we did it anyway and amazingly enough it was really quite delightful, except for my lower back from carrying one or the other of the boys around constantly (fortunately, in this case, it was a collection of studios dispersed throughout the city where we used to live and required we travel by car from place to place). Jeremy did not seem to mind and Harry, wonderful Harry, would actually answer me whenever I asked him what he saw in each painting or sculptor. And, sometimes he saw things that I did not! Ah, the imagination of a small child.


Getting ready for one of those car rides from one studio to the next I think I saw Jeremy imitating Harry by throwing his head from side to side. It's a behavior Harry makes, often in the car when trying to attract Jeremy's attention.

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