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December 21, 2002 - Saturday
I think the brotherhood is about to change.

Jeremy is holding a book and I'm reading it along with him. Harry comes over to see the book, too. Harry can't resist a story, even if it's one that seems too simple for him (this is an interesting notion in and of itself - I have this unthinking sense that Jeremy's books are somehow "below" Harry given Harry's interest in far more complicated stories now. But, logically Harry is only three and I have to catch myself because he is still learning words and these older, simply books are really quite comfortable to him now, especially given that many of them are on the reading list of the 4-year-old Pre-K class at his school!). When Jeremy sees Harry leaning in to see he pulls the book with both hands to the opposite side of his body from where Harry is, his face turning back at Harry with an expression of unspoken, yet unmistakable "mine."

"Mine" has been Harry's concept until now and Jeremy, the baby, has just gone along with everything. Methinks this is the beginning of the rivalry.

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