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February 4, 2003 - Tuesday
Jeremy was a pain almost the entire time were at his 15 month check-up. He wanted to draw with the markers. He didn't want to go in the room. He wanted his mother to pick him up. He wanted to get down. He cried when he was measured (32 inches) and he cried when he was weighed (24.3 lbs.), save the moment of distraction when he was put down on the scale. In other words, he is becoming a two-year-old.

When it came to his expected shots, we and the nurse expected the worst. The first shot came and he stopped crying and looked at the nurse with a confused expression.
"That got his attention," we joked.
He still had one more. He squirmed. We held him down and the nurse gave him the shot. Again, he just looked at her with a somewhat confused expression. He did not cry at all.
"That's never happened before, " said the nurse.
"Gee, can we take some of those home," I joked.

Jeremy was fine until he got out into the hall. He remembered he wanted things, random things, and he started complaining.
"Want another shot," the nurse joked.
Jeremy was being two.

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