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February 24, 2003 - Monday
This morning, after 15 and a half months of bucking the banana-loving baby trend, Jeremy ate an entire banana. I'm not quite sure what happened. We had bananas yesterday morning with pancakes - he might have eaten one piece then, at best - and that reminded Harry about how he used to eat them often. Harry used to ask for a banana every morning with breakfast after cereal and this morning he renewed that habit (after eating two bowls of Cheerios and honey, a new favorite). I can only assume that Jeremy saw Harry eating a banana, or perhaps it was that he saw Harry deliberately peeling the banana and then eating it, and decided that must be for him, too. I told him he didn't like bananas. That didn't deter him. Harry told him he didn't like bananas. That didn't deter him. I cut off the tip of Harry's banana, against only modest protests from Harry, and gave it to Jeremy to prove that he didn't want it. He ate it and demanded more. I opened another banana, figuring I'd just eat it after Jeremy realized the error of his desires. Jeremy, gleefully as if it were his favorite food, took a bite, then began to nod in his clear wish for more. He seemed to get happier as he took increasingly large bites from the banana as I held it for him. In seemingly very little time, the entire thing was gone. He had just about caught up to Harry who had a significant head start and is not a slow eater when it comes to bananas.

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