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January 5, 2003 - Sunday
On Christmas we kind of joked that Jeremy's favorite present was the new toothbrush that he got in his stocking. Now, it's not a joke. Until then he'd been using an infant gum scratcher kind of thing that a parent can stick a finger inside and rub. Jeremy used to love to play with and gnaw on that little blue thing, but now he has a real toothbrush and he thinks it is very special indeed. When we tell Harry it's time to go up and brush teeth and we'll get the "two more minutes" or the "I don't want.." or something like that. Jeremy, on the other hand, will stop whatever he's doing and head straight for the stairs. Then, trying to get him to finish brushing - actually and unfortunately it's more like sucking and chewing the brush - can be, minimally, a delicate matter. Indeed, he is an orally fixated boy.

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