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January 4, 2003 - Saturday
Jeremy has been experiment with scowling and it's really quite funny. I do think he's actually using the scowl at the right time; that is, when he doesn't like something that's happening around him. But, neither he nor anyone who sees it can keep much of a straight face. This picture shows his furrowed brow, but not the accompanying tightened lips that bring the whole package together. He's just too happy about the camera flash to really bad mad about anything.

Of course, there's not much question from where Jeremy gets these faces. I'm the one with the "expressive eyebrows." Yet, I've never really appreciated what that phrase meant. Now, I look at Jeremy trying to mimic this thing that I do - I know that I have done it to him as a silent response to his moments of unsavory behavior - and as comical as it is to see in the face of a one-year-old, I finally understand how serious, if not angry, I must look when I'm just pondering. Amidst the innocence of his self-discovery, my one-year-old son has offered me something of a revelation. It's an understand that I will need to spend some time over the coming years explaining to Jeremy.

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