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December 27, 2002 - Friday
His mother says that Jeremy weaned himself this week. He'd been down to one nursing before bed anyway, but now that seems to have ended with Jeremy brushing it aside in favor of a snuggle and a song from his mother. Harry was weaned at almost exactly the same point in his life, although we might have thought that the timing had something to do with his mother getting pregnant with Jeremy right about then. When Harry stopped, and thus stopped falling asleep during nursing, I started putting him to sleep with songs and rubbing. That was fine because I'd been doing it at nap time since he was born. With Jeremy, we have no fall back because he's not in the habit of me singing. But, it doesn't seem to matter. Easy going Jeremy just listens to a story or two, gets in his crib, waves good-bye to his mother, pulls all the things he needs - his nunny, the lion, his water cup, and a blanket - and settles in on his own.

Of course, there seems to be no problem with Jeremy getting nutrition without breast milk. He still loves to eat, especially vegetables and fruit, and it's just amazing how much of an apple he'll eat by himself. On Christmas he discovered pumpkin pie (right) and has been requesting (arm extended toward the pie pan with his familiar chin-leading grunts of encouragement) every night after dinner. He is now up to an entire adult slice on his own.

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