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December 24, 2002 - Tuesday
Yesterday, then again today, Harry and Jeremy played this strange and mysterious "guy game." It involved taking a variety of random objects from the hall and kitchen and throwing them haphazardly into the downstairs half bath and closing the door.

Harry was quite intent on playing this "guy game" with Jeremy, often holding his hand and leading him into the bathroom. Mostly Jeremy was quite happy to oblige, often going in the bathroom by himself. However, when Jeremy was not interested, Harry begrudged Jeremy's absence and interestingly declared he wanted a friend to play with.

Mommy asked at one point if she could play. Harry said "no, this is the guy game." ?

We can't figure the origin of the "guy game," but yesterday afternoon a big truck came to pick up a big piece of test equipment. Harry watched the whole thing as the driver and I moved the box, then went out to look in the truck and see all the boxes. Maybe we were the original "guys."

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