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January 18, 2003 - Saturday
The boys were sure happy to see us when we got home just before dinner. Well, Jeremy was mostly happy to see mommy, but that's no surprise. When I went away on a business trip a week ago, it was his mother instead of me who went in each morning to get him and I guess he got used to it. Back in the routine this past Monday and Tuesday, but thankfully not anymore on Wednesday, I went in and saw Jeremy standing in his crib, all happy and excited. Unfortunately, when it was me whom he saw instead of his mother and he literally slumped down to his knees and pouted. At least, he's happy to see me when I go to pick him up at his baby-sitters's house most days. Anyway, Harry was literally jumping up and down when we walked in and gave me a big hug.

I suppose it was for the best that we got home fairly late in the day, because there's little transition time getting back into the routine with two small boys. It was probably best to have just a small dose of them to get back into it after a relaxed three days.

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