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January 19, 2003 - Sunday
This afternoon at about 4:30, Jeremy wanted a snack and I gave him one. Unfortunately, Harry saw it and decided that he wanted a snack, too. That's trouble. For Jeremy, snacking is a normal part of everyday, just about all day long. If he doesn't snack he just gets crabby and it never seems to affect his ability to put away a solid dinner. It's just not the same for Harry. A snack at 4:30 means a painful dinner of fidgeting and singing and not getting proper nutrition.

So, what to do? I guess we play it by ear. Today I explained to Harry that he really shouldn't have a snack before dinner and he seemed to accept it with only minor grumbling. But, I can see the seeds of feelings of favoritism, sibling rivalry, and envy all being sown with every hint of inequity. It's a dangerous game.

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