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July 26, 2003 - Saturday
The wedding for Grandpa John and (now-officially) Grandma Judy was the primary reason we returned to their house this trip and tonight we left the boys and their cousin Chloe in the hands of a baby-sitter. We actually did the same in something of a trial run last night when I went out for dinner with the men and the boys' mother socialized with the women downstairs at the house. Of course, the second time around, the kids knew what was up. Harry was fine about it, happily playing with the novel toys, but Jeremy didn't like this random new person and didn't have such a good time apparently. His baby-sitter, Mary, has often said that Jeremy likes his routine and maybe this unexpected twist in a strange place just didn't sit well. Fortunately, his mother and I didn't find any of this out until we got home, the professionally licensed childcare provider was well within her means and didn't need to call, and we had a wonderful time at the wedding.

And fortunately, the rest of the day was better for Jeremy. We went to the Science Museum with Chloe and this year Jeremy was a lot more excited about things like the model train exhibit and hands-on the water table. Admittedly, the ball area wasn't as completely innocent rapture it was last year, but it was still pretty good.

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