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July 13, 2002 - Saturday
When Harry first saw this huge model train in the science museum it was just like when he saw the backhoe parked outside our yard a year ago, except this time his unbridled enthusiasm was accompanied by much faster bounding and much louder squealing. Actually, Jeremy had quite a similar reaction to playing in these balls (top right), but without the narration of and pointing at everything that was happening as Harry did with the trains. With Jeremy, it was really just the squealing. Of course, Harry liked the balls, too, and playing in the water (middle right and, with grandpa, lower right).

Yet, even with all the excitement of the morning at the museum, today was more about mommy and daddy. It's funny how novel a twenty minute stroll to a coffee shop sans children can seem so liberating, especially when taken on a whim. We'd all planned that mommy and daddy would go out for a quiet dinner and a movie while the grandparents watched the children, and we did, but planning is what people with children do all the time. Walking to a coffee shop and leaving kids on a moment's notice is not common and it was almost more exhilarating than the pre-planned five hours later in the day. Still, that part was not bad either. We decided on a matinee movie, rather than an evening picture. Jeremy is still very much in the habit of waking during the evening and that wouldn't have gone so smoothly without his mother around. So, we left during their naps, saw "Road to Perdition" on its opening weekend (a gangster movie, sure, but really a movie about fathers and sons), had a lovely pre-Bastille Day dinner at a charming French bistro, and were back by bath time.

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