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July 9, 2002 - Tuesday
Yesterday as we drove up to the playground, Harry noticed that there were no other kids there. It's not the first time that's happened, but Harry's more aware of other kids now. I asked whether he liked more kids or no kids.
"No kids," was his answer, apparently preferring to have the run of the place. That's interesting, but fine. I was a loner myself.

Then, about five minutes before we needed to leave, a little girl and her mother appeared at the gate to the playground some 100-120 feet away. As soon as Harry saw the girl, before she was even half way to the playground area, Harry yelled out, "did you want to slide on the slide with me. Come, we can slide together" or something like that.

The little girl didn't know quite what to make of Harry and did not come exactly to were Harry was, eventually diverting to the swirly slide. No problem, Harry followed her there and they both slide there. In fact, Harry continued to play with her and at one point tried to coerce her into sliding down together at the same time.

Maybe Harry's not so set on having the run of the playground if he can have a little friend.

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