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July 6, 2002 - Saturday
Our home town has an Independence Day parade that you could almost pick up and put down anywhere in the country and it was today. Harry was looking forward to it, too, remembering, at least in the abstract, last year's parade and others he's seen since. The big difference this year is that Harry understands about candy and that candy is thrown by the people in the parade in large volumes to, well, him sitting at the side of the road watching. Last year he didn't really know about candy. He hadn't had much before that. This year that is not the case. There's been a bowl of chocolate kisses, left over from Easter or Mothers Day or sometime, that Harry has been asking about after just about every meal. Coincidentally, he just finished the last of those a couple of days ago. But, our home town parade is the virtual mother lode of thrown candy and the post-meal requests are going to keep coming, now with only slight variation from the chocolate. Harry knows the score and knows about the candy.

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