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March 31, 2003 - Monday
For the better part of two months now, since about the middle of "pink month" this past February in Harry's Preschool class, Harry has called out "pink house, pink door, pink doors," as we have driven past three of four houses in a row that have those characteristics (the pink house is more of a peach color, but that hardly matters) as we near his school building. Since that started, Harry has also called out the color of other houses during various car trips, although those incidences have been far more random than the call of "pink house, pink door, pink doors." He's learning his colors and that is great.

Just as interesting, Jeremy, having listened to this on an almost daily basis, is sometimes now the first now to call out "pink house, pink door, pink doors." Of course, from Jeremy, that sounds a lot more like "ee-ah, ee-oh, ee-oh," or some more random combination of sounds, but there's no question in my mind that he is attempting to call out the same. He gets excited, he laughs, and clearly is aware that we are passing the affective landmarks on the 5-7 drive to preschool.

Equally interesting to me, the distinction between whether the trip is 5 or 7 minutes depends on whether we detour onto "the bumpy road" and, here too, Jeremy regularly shows that he knows where we are. As we turn off the main road to the left, Jeremy now lets out a howl of delight. It's unclear whether the appeal of this road through the woods is visual, physical from the bouncing car, or just matching the excitement of his brother.

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