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October 4, 2003 - Saturday
I've said this before but it's worth saying again, and again. Trying to concentrate on something personal when the kids are around is trouble waiting to happen, and the trouble isn't necessarily going to be from the boys. They are both becoming more independent and, thus, getting a lot better about entertaining themselves, but they still are young. Often the distraction to focusing on something else (I've been working on the Town's website in my spare time, often when the boys are around) is as simple as Harry constantly saying "wanna see this?" or the two of them getting into some little "negotiation" about a toy one of them has just found. But, that's enough to break concentration and that's enough to be annoying when I'm trying to concentrate on problem solving or troubleshooting. I suppose I just shouldn't do it when the kids are around, but the kids are ALWAYS around. I guess that's what the TV ought to be for.

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