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June 11, 2001 - Monday
"H" is for Harry (well, more like "Hafvy").

Yesterday we moved a twin bed into Harry's room (in early preparation for Jeremy taking over the crib) and put his alphabet quilt on top. This is the same bed that Harry's played on in the other room, so it's no surprise that he took right to it. He'd bounce and play with the pillow, but he also spent lots of time looking at the quilt, identifying the bear, bunny, and some of the letters.

Harry knows "O" quite well and had no trouble with that on the quilt, but the font on the quilt is a little confusing for many of the letters. It's the type of lettering with thick vertical bars and very thin horizontal and diagonal ones. The R looks very similar to P and N more like two Is to an unsophisticated eye. Harry made those mistakes, but made up for them with his astuteness when it come to H. When he pointed at half of the H and said "I," I corrected him saying it was H. He immediately put his hand to his chest and, as he has for the last few days of greater self-awareness, said "Hafvy." I've told him about H before many times, ad libbing when we read the ABC book or when playing with the foam letters, but didn't think it made much of an impression. But, I guess he knows: H is for Harry.

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