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June 15, 2001 - Friday
Harry fell out of bed this evening while we were downstairs. We heard the thud and knew what had happened before the crying started and were on our way upstairs. Harry's mother thought this would happen. Somehow I didn't really, but it's been too hot to really tuck him in. I guess Harry moves around in his sleep a lot still, especially these hot sticky nights. Fortunately, Harry's mother had put some blankets beside Harry's bed for just this possibility to lessen the impact, but it still startled him quite a bit and took a while to get him to relax enough to go back to sleep. Before I left him I moved the bed into the corner of the room and moved the side of the crib up against the exposed edge. That should do for a while since Harry is not tall enough to get anyway close to the lower half of the bed in his sleep.

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