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June 12, 2001 - Tuesday
I left on a three-day business trip this morning and was out last evening when Harry went to bed. Given that and his mother's growing belly and the hardship that seems to cause Harry during relaxation and preparation for bed, I figured maybe it was worth her trying to let him sleep in the bed rather than the crib. Harry's mother wasn't sure, worried that he'd not sleep well or would fall out of bed, but ultimately decided to try it. If it didn't work, she would just put him in the crib.

But, Harry didn't need that. His mother says he seemed quite tired, perhaps from all the weekend excitement and rapidly increasing awareness and fell asleep quickly. And, he stayed there all night, turning slightly in the bed through the night as he tossed in his sleep. His mother says that we she went in to get him this morning he was lying there open-eyed trying to get his new bearings.

My flight this morning left late enough for me to drop Harry off at daycare. It was a few minutes earlier than usual, but not much and I still had some time with Harry after his mother left for work. Unfortunately, I was doing last minute packing and occasionally running into other rooms to get things and didn't play with Harry all that much. I did talk to him, telling him that I needed to pack and that daddy was going on a business trip, and I kind of think he understood. He was quite tolerant of my unattentiveness and even took some interest in what I was doing. But, more strikingly, he didn't seen to want me to leave daycare. As usual, he was fine being there and was ready to play, but called to me as I was leaving. He hasn't done that in months. So, I gave him another big hug and told him I'd be back soon. I think he understood. Well, maybe part of it.

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