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May 1, 2001 - Tuesday
Today, I picked Harry up from daycare on my bike. I've been looking forward to doing this for a while and the weather this week is finally right. I've also been thinking that I probably ought to have checked Harry's helmet first to make sure it still fit before actually riding there to get him without a car, but I did not. Instead, inspired by the loving day and undeterred by worries of complications, I set out for daycare. When I got there and got him outside, Harry even seemed a little excited about the idea of riding on the bike, perhaps even remembering the few times we rode together last fall.

Unfortunately, that excitement waned when I started to try to force on a helmet that was too narrow for his round, and now larger, skull. The neighborhood kids started to gather around, mostly because they'd not seen me on a bike before, but also because Harry was starting to make noise. Much to the credit of the neighborhood, a couple kids even offered their helmets, I think not quite realizing that I was going for a little ride and coming right back.

In the end, I got Harry's helmet on part way, enough to make the kids think it was on and enough protect his head a little if needed, but certainly not according to recommended use. Fortunately, it is just a couple of miles home. And, for those couple of miles, Harry seemed quite content watching the world go by, but it couldn't have been all that comfortable.

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