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May 5, 2001 - Saturday
Today Harry's mother organized a surprise baby shower for her sister, Harry's Aunt. The shower was actually at Aunt Lisa's new house on the day she and Uncle Ben were moving. If nothing else it was a good way to keep an almost eight-month pregnant Lisa from lifting. And, it was certainly unexpected. I was helping to move furniture, so unfortunately, have no pictures of Harry at the shower. But, he apparently had lots of fun with the balloons and the wrapping paper.

One of the biggest surprises of the shower was that Uncle Ben parents came over from their house in France to attend. They stayed at our house last night and brought Harry this wonderful French toy, "Ma Premiere Ferme" or "My First Farm," with little wooden animals that go through cutouts in the barn. Those cutouts are still a little bit beyond Harry - he's still working on figuring on the squares, circles, and triangles on another toy - but not the names of the animals. Of the nine cutouts, Harry can identify seven: zeezee (horsey), cat, baa (sheep), duck, moocow, piggy, and tree. He's having a little trouble with goose and rooster.

It's remarkable to me how so many words he says end in the "y" sound. I really don't think we perpetuate this, although it would be easy to do with a toddler. Yet, words like "woodie," "stickie," "brickie," are not permutations we'd be likely to make.

It a mildly depressing association, Harry is moving away from "mama" and "dad'n" to "mommy"to "daddy."

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