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May 7, 2001 - Monday
A funny thing happened after Harry and I got home from daycare today. We were playing outside, doing the usual things - playing with sticks, hitting the golf balls, and walking around the yard - and Harry went in the garage. It's a place he hasn't been too much, because Harry tends to think of the garage as the way inside and, thus, a place to be avoided. I brought him back out because, if he really works at it, there are a few things in there that he really shouldn't be getting into.

On the other hand, I thought, could Harry possibly be ready to go in? He hates going inside. I figured I'd bring the mail in and put it on the table and come back out to see what Harry would do. But, amazingly, he followed me in. He climbed the two garage steps into the back hall and there he was. Did he know what he was doing? what he was getting himself into? being inside and not outside? He soon went and stood at the front door looking out until his mother drove up the street.

We've admittedly been having a bad spell of gnats lately and I think maybe they were getting to Harry, but still this was a surprising turn. I guess that's the way with kids. As they say, as soon as something seems certain, it changes.

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