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May 8, 2001 - Tuesday
In addition to Ma Premiere Ferme, Uncle Ben's parents also brought Harry's mother and I a box of French chocolates, which we opened this evening. As I removed the delicate wrapping, I came upon a business card of the chocolatier in the little French town of Thionville and casually called to Harry's mother in the other room that "there is a business card in the box." Immediately, Harry got up from his mother's side, stopping his play on the floor, and came directly toward me with hands fully extended upward. He clearly wanted this box of chocolates. I wasn't sure quite want to make of this, but Harry was determined and there wasn't too much he could do to damage the box, so I gave it to him. He quickly took it back to the floor where he had been playing with his mother and began trying to get inside the box, all the while calling out "cah, cah." Then it hit me. Harry had thought I had called out "there is a car in the box" and figured it must be for him

When we figured it out, we had to explain to Harry that there had been a mistake, which went over surprisingly well. However, it sure didn't hurt that we had brought a little truck and car set a while ago and not given it to Harry yet.

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