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May 15, 2001 - Tuesday
Harry is revisiting a developmental stage from several months ago, but this time it is with the improved facility of his advanced months. Harry has been practicing "putting" again and is seen here with a can of tennis balls. When Harry originally grabbed this can, I was fully prepared for tennis balls to be flying randomly about the hallway and that would have been fine for a little while. Harry could get a kick of of how much they bounce and then I would have had to hide the balls. But, that didn't happen. Far from throwing the balls, Harry was interested in the orderliness with which the ball went back in the can. I'd dump them out thinking he'd find it cool that they bounced all around and Harry would put them back, and did so several times in a row. I guess he might have thrown one ball just to understand its properties, but after that is was all about putting.

In a related placing activity, Harry seems to get a big kick out of moving the shampoo bottles from the shower to on top of the toilet. While this is somewhat more convenient for us to reverse then when he used to just push them all into the tub, Harry will eventually need to learn that they do indeed below with the shower.

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