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May 18, 2001 - Friday
It doesn't happen very much, although it has on occasion, but tonight Harry himself declared it was time to go up stairs and take a bath and, in essence, to start getting ready for bed. What made tonight all the more strange was that just before calling out "wah-wah" and running over to the toddler gate next to the stairs, Harry seemed otherwise to be in quite good and energetic spirits. He was having fun running around the living room, hitting the Pound a Ball with his hammer, climbing on the sofa, and then all of a sudden he's saying it's time for a bath. Naturally, his mother took the lead without delay. We looked at each other in acknowledgment of the oddity of the situation, but if Harry wanted to get ready for bed, that's an opportunity to just take. Admittedly, he's not usually that bad about going up for a bath. He likes the playing in the water. But, his mother and I both know it's going to get harder as time goes by .

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