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August 12, 2003 - Tuesday
I'm told that Jeremy had a tantrum today. It was, apparently, shortly after I dropped him off at Mary's house and initially they thought something had happened to him even though he was just sitting. But, when he started kicking his legs wildly, Mary said she had a pretty good idea what was happening and that he was trying something out. I'm sure that something is lost in the retelling, but she says that all she had to say was, "do you want to go to bed?" and he stopped like light switch and went on like nothing had happened.

Jeremy has been increasingly trying to exert his will over situations recently. It's that time of life for him and I suppose this tantrum isn't so surprising. My guess is that he probably observed the behavior from his two and a half year-old cousin, who must be going through that phase now, while we were on vacation last week. Harry's only had a couple of real tantrums, but they were when he was about the same age as cousin Ben is now. That makes Jeremy rather advanced in this regard, I suppose, and it kind of sets a precarious tone. He used to seem like such a sweet boy, but now, with his overly clever use of being cute, and this "advanced" behavior, it sort of makes you wonder if he's going to be trouble. Sure, most of the time he's still sweet, but he's got this devious streak about him...

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