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August 17, 2003 - Sunday
This morning, as I was sitting at the breakfast table waiting for Harry to finish eating and then again at lunch as I was doing the same, Jeremy walked in from the living room and looked at me and said, "hi, dad," without breaking stride.
"Hi, Jeremy," I answered as he walked over toward his mother.
"Hi, mom," he said and turned around. "Hi, dad," he said again without breaking stride on his way to the living room.
"Hi, Jeremy," I answered.
"Hi, dad," he said moments later taking the same line from the living room to the kitchen passed the table.
"Hi, Jeremy," I answered.
"Hi, mom," he said to his mother before turning around again. "Hi, dad."
"Hi, Jeremy."

This little friendly walk from the living room must have happened at least a half dozen times this morning and another couple at lunch before I interrupted it with the camera. Jeremy was mighty proud of himself, although I'm not sure whether it was his greetings or the deliberate walking that was more fun. Right after dinner, though, he was saying "hi dad" more often and pausing a little more for a response.

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