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August 21, 2003 - Thursday
I've been through this before and I'm not sure there's much intrigue left in it. Jeremy is now playing the role of a young toddler; being capricious, having a short fuse, being a picky eater, whining, wanting, and making his parents wary and weary. I think, although it would be easy to believe that time has ease the memories, that it was easier with Harry for no other reason than it was just him. With Jeremy starting to do the same thing there is not only the lack of novelty, but also the existence of another child, Harry, would causing his own three-year-old kind of trouble. Together, the combination feels less forgiving.

Of course, there are some fun memories being renewed, too. Jeremy is hopping on pop on the sofa with the same combination of enthusiasm and innocence that Harry once did. (Harry tries to join in now, but he's older and there's more strategy with him.) Jeremy is learning to go up and down the stairs and it's fun to see the pride that he has in being able to do that himself. And, it's fun to see him learning to run, to throw, to play with rocks, to ride the same scooter that Harry once did. On some days, those things balance the other stuff...

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