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August 20, 2003 - Wednesday
All summer they've had a wading pool and sprinkler set up in the playground area at Harry's preschool and all summer we've had a bathing suit in Harry's cubby for him to use outside in the water with the other kids. And, all summer that bathing suit has stayed in Harry's cubby unused due to some fear, phobia, or simple discomfort Harry has had with some aspect of the otherwise obvious fun for kids of playing in water. At each opportunity he has opted out, choosing instead to play with his trucks in the sand or the bikes on the walkway - until today.

This morning on the way to school, Harry announced, "It's a nice day. It's a nice day for swimming."
"It is a nice day for swimming," I agreed in something of an automatic encouragement to Harry's observation. For a moment I did not think of Harry's classmates, having simply been resigned to Harry's whims. But, then I realized what he might be saying. "Are you going to go swimming today, Harry?"
"Are you going to wear you're bathing suit?"
"Yeah, I am," answered Harry, somewhat less matter-of-factly than I might have expected from Harry. Then he added, "I didn't use to like wearing my bathing suit, but now it's OK."

Something had clicked. I had thought of telling his teacher about it when we got there, but figured there was no reason to push it. But, sure enough, when I picked up Harry in the afternoon, I learned he had indeed played in the water with his bathing suit on. Of course, he was also wearing his sneakers and socks running under the sprinkler. Harry has a thing about the small rocks that cover much of the playground (although not the area with the pool and sprinkler). No matter...

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