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July 15, 2003 - Tuesday
Jeremy sure can get strong headed. The boys have been getting up early over the last few days and have been getting in to the habit, while there mother gets ready to leave for work and I take a shower, of watching TV during breakfast. It's not a great habit, but they've not seen much of Sesame Street before and seem to find it interesting and it does try to teach. Harry's been talking about the letter and number of the day. So, most mornings it's worked all right, but the television can have a way of slowing their eating pace and this morning they both all but stopped. With Harry, a little prodding usually does the trick. He's had the TV turned off on him for not eating enough to know that the threat is real.

Jeremy usually just eats, but this morning he didn't. And, when Jeremy gets something in his mind he can be pretty focused. Unfortunately, this morning that meant not eating much of his breakfast. I suppose with Jeremy, since he is usually such a good eater, maybe we should just let him not eat and not dwell on these times when he thinks he's not hungry. But, there's a going problem with Jeremy getting more and more picky about food and thinking he doesn't have to eat whatever he doesn't want to eat, including healthy things that he really ought to be eating. He's already poor about trying new things. So, this morning was a bit of a test of wills. I let Jeremy sit at the table long after Harry had finished and often encouraging him to eat and he just sat there, calmly resisting for some 10-15 minutes. Finally, in one of my many passing asking him if he was ready to eat, I made him laugh with some silly little face. He tilted his head to be cute, and all was forgiven. He ate the rest of his breakfast very fast.

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