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July 17, 2003 - Thursday
Jeremy is old enough to be getting scolded for a few more things now than before. He's starting to act like a two-year-old, flexing his desires and his independence and he's getting a few more time-outs. I must say that there is a part of this growth that is actually a great relief: that Harry is no longer seemingly the only one being scolded and that he much less often has to hear something like "but Jeremy is just a baby and doesn't know..." how to not do this or do this by himself. It's got to be unfair to a little person like Harry to hear that about the person whom they probably feel is most their peer. And, judging by Harry's very typical sibling reaction to Jeremy's woes, I think he also feels some inward self-esteem related comfort. He has this insatiable desire to look at Jeremy when Jeremy's on the sofa for a time-out and it isn't easy to do. He actual says he's not looking at Jeremy, but at the table Harry faces more than 90 degrees away from a view of the sofa and has to crane around the wood stove pipe to see, so there's little mistaking his curiosity.

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