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July 16, 2003 - Wednesday
Driving in the car today on our way to the nearby retail area, Harry made a vague reference to the miniature, child-size drum set that we saw a couple of months ago. It wasn't anything specific, more of a thought compromised in midstream by a second thought half way through being spoken.

That apparent second comment came out as "I'll be four soon and when I'm four I'll be able to be a drummer."
I tried a supportive respond, hopeful that I'd overanalyzed the juxtaposition of Harry's two comments. "Harry, you're a very good drummer already, you can be a drummer now " I said.
"No I can't," he said in his slightly contrarian manner, then reiterated that "when I'm four, I'll be able to a drummer."
"But, why can't you be a drummer now, Harry," I asked hoping to get to the bottom of this line of thinking. It didn't happen. Harry was coy as usual.

If Harry were a year or two older I'm think he was seriously floating a birthday wish. But, even then, wouldn't the comment be more direct. Surely, a three-year-old would be less subtle about actually wanting something like a drum set. Oddly, Harry has never asked for that miniature drum set, not when we were at the store and never since. I've, of course, then never had to say he couldn't have it. In fact, Harry's really never noticeably reached the point of lust at any retail store. Still, can Harry have been thinking about it wantonly since early May, especially without saying anything about it? Have friends at school talked about wanting specific things for their birthdays and Harry picked up on it? Can he possibly understand that idea?

It's probably just a coincidence.

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