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November 4, 2003 - Tuesday
One other thing that has added to the sense that Jeremy's life is in high gear is that for the last couple of weeks he's been regularly using the toilet, the big toilet, before his bath at night. It's interesting that he uses the toilet and not the potty (very often), because as the second child I might think that this earlier than usual motivation to start potty training came from watching Harry, who seems actually somewhat troubled by the thought of using the big toilet. But, this is how Jeremy wants to do it. What's more, this morning as I was getting him out of his crib (yes, he's still in a crib and seems to like it that way - I asked him a few days ago if he wanted a big bed like Harry's and he said no) and changing his diaper, he said he wanted to go pee. So, we marched into the bathroom and, sure enough, he peed in the big toilet. Naturally, after that he needed to wear a pull-up, which he immediately showed off to Mary when he got to her house.

I have almost no expectations for this heighted awareness to turn into actually potty training. Jeremy, as proud as he is with peeing the toilet and as uncomfortable as he has become with a bowel movement in his diaper, doesn't appear to be holding pee very much, so it seems like it will be a little while before Jeremy moves to underwear. On the other hand, the process is already going a lot differently than it did with Harry. For now, we'll ask from time to time, but I think it will be Jeremy who will continue to set the pace for now.

Oh yeah, I'm forty-one today. That sure sounds middle aged when you say it, but it hardly registers emotionally. We went out for a "special dinner," as Harry calls it, at a family restaurant that serves popcorn as an appetizer and has everything from wooden fish to sports memorabilia to toys cars hanging on the wall. It felt just about right for a 41-year-old father of two.

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