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November 9, 2003 - Sunday
As an adult of 41, it's been a while since I bit my lip or my tongue. But, having a couple of kids reminds me of doing it a fair amount as a kid. It happens all the time, it seems, one of them will be going along happily eating and all of a sudden the face turns, the mouth opens, and the cry comes.

You have feel bad for these clumsy little people who haven't quite figured their bodies out yet, but what can you say?
"Did you bite your tongue?"
"Ye-a-a-a-a-a-h," comes through the sob.
What next? "Oh, I sorry you bit your tongue."
More sobs.
What next? "Well, don't do it again," sometimes seems like a good ironic line, but somehow the humor would probably be lost.

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