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November 11, 2003 - Tuesday
"All going," he said from the backseat, halfway to the restaurant for tonight's dinner.
"That's right, Jeremy, we're all going together," his mother answered.
Then Jeremy, unwittingly hammering home how rare that is, added deliberately, "mommy, daddy, yisch, me." His mother says that as he said "me" he excitedly put both hands on his chest.

We went out for dinner last week on my birthday, too, but twice in two weeks is pretty rare. What is even rarer, Jeremy pointed out, was that we all went somewhere together. Last week, for example, mommy met Harry, Jeremy,and me at the restaurant on her way home from work. That, in fact, happens more often than not when we go out to eat. Most afternoons, of course, I'm with the boys, perhaps driving somewhere like the mall or a playground. And, the most common schedule on weekend mornings is for mommy to take the boys to the store, leaving me to get a little work done. Sure, we'll drive other places together from time to time, the far more common scenario is that it's one parent with the boys. And while that's very logical and efficient, it's kind of a shame, too.

The restaurant this evening was a Chilis Mexican restaurant. We had thought we would be bold and have the kids try Indian, but the one Indian place we knew in the area seemed to be out of business when we got there. Chilis was almost next door to that and seemed like a nice, if not safer, alternative. We got a fajita plate to share and Harry tried one and liked it. Jeremy, particular as he is these days, might have had a few bites of tortilla, but that's OK. He's a solid boy and can afford to go without for a meal.

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