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November 12, 2003 - Wednesday
A Little People video came inside the Little People garage that Jeremy got for his birthday and Harry has latched onto it. It's got five little stories of about five minutes each and that makes it a nice length for the time between when Jeremy goes upstairs for a bath and when Harry does.

The first little story is about a little car race between five Little People friends. Little Eddie goes out to a big lead and is sure to win, but he stops because his little pet frog?, Freddie, is missing and he doesn't want to win without his friend. Freddie shows up steps before the finish line and as Eddie goes to hug him, everyone else comes along and somehow they all end up in a big pile across the finish line. Everybody wins.

I've watch Harry watch this a few times now and this part always gets him excited. I've wondered whether it's the fact that they all won together and that everyone was happy, because that idealist notion of kids games has always struck me as rather shallow. Would kids, even young kids, really fall for that? Heck, Harry already seems to understand about winning for watching a few horse races on TV. I think it's just the big pile that makes Harry happy.

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