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November 14, 2003 - Friday
For the third year in a row, the boys attended a special evening, hosted by a club we're a part of, at a local science museum. It's a place that Harry has loved each time he's been there starting when he was about the same age as Jeremy is now. With balls, ball rolls, water, smoke, and other fun science on display, the only question for the night was whether daddy, by himself, could keep track of two boys in a three level museum.

Amazingly, perhaps, there's really no story here. The boys were amazingly well synchronized as we moved from display to display. Maybe Harry was fleeter in terms of attention span and afoot, but Jeremy was easily encouraged and we moved together pretty much the whole evening. What's more, the boys even ate a good pizza dinner. Admittedly, that may not sound like much: boys, pizza, what's the problem? But these are young boys. Jeremy has NEVER liked pizza and Harry is just coming around and I thought dinner might be the worst part of the evening. Maybe they had both worked up an appetite. Maybe they are indeed wonderful boys that knew they were out in public and needed to behave and eat a good dinner. But, Harry ate an entire adult-sized piece of pepperoni and Jeremy asked for seconds after a half slice.

About when I figured we had an hour (of our two hours) left, a woman walked up and told me the museum would be closing in ten minutes. It was that kind of wonderful evening.

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