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August 4, 2000 - Friday
Today was the first day I've really relaxed at our new house. It's a bit odd, because I stayed home this morning with Harry just so I could get more work done than if I had brought Harry to the lab. Harry does OK at the lab, but the spaces are smaller and restrictive for a young boy intent on discovering the world. There is also so much stuff around that he really requires constant monitoring.

At home, Harry has the run of the living room floor with all his toys around to keep him occupied and that gave me fleeting occasions to turn to my work. Of course, I spent my share of time on the floor, too, and taking Harry outside to crawl in the grass (he, incidentally, doesn't seem so interested in eating the grass now, so outside is becoming more attractive), but that made for a wonderfully low-key morning after a month of long days and short nights. With a little coffee and the peacefulness of a lovely new house in the country, I was primed to write well.

Best all, this morning was something like old times with Harry, if one can have old times with a 7.5 month old. He was on a normal schedule, not thrown askew by a commuting nap, and played, drank milk without fuss or hesitation, and fell asleep in my arms as we listened to the slow movement from Bach Violin Concerto in E. It felt like our house and it was worth even penny.

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