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August 25, 2000 - Friday
We've been keeping a stroller on hand so we can take him out when he gets board and a park near the lab has become a regular destination during this month while Harry's been coming in to work. I'll usually walk beside the stroller and kind of pull it forward, rather than push from behind, so Harry can see that I'm around and we can talk. Sometimes on downhill sections I'll run out ahead of the stroller and look back. Harry thinks that's very funny. But, when we get to the park Harry is all focused on the other kids and the swing. He likes the swing and, like the bathtub at night, will wave his arms in excitement as we near his favorite ride. He likes going high, too, like I did when I was a kid of six or so. But, I can't help wondering from time to time whether I'm training a future extremist or daredevil.

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