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Feb. 2, 2000 - Wednesday
People ask all the time: "does he sleep through the night?" I usually say that Harry's norm is about 5-6 hours straight, typically between 11:30pm-midnight and 5-5:30am. That's not bad compared to most stories of infants and I'm often reminded so. Last night, however, Harry solidly made it through the night with a good 7.5-8 hours of sleep. His mother and I both woke up very briefly a couple times during the night, but not enough to really disturb our own sleep much (that alone puts a perspective on sleeping with an infant, doesn't it?).

Oddly, when Harry finally awoke at about 7:30 it was with a curious and thankfully rare wail, as if at the shock that he had let so much of the day pass him by. It lasted only as long as it took his mother, by then mostly awake herself, to rifle across our bed to Harry's bassinet. At the sight of her countenance, he immediately regained his composure and went on to be as charming as ever, with smiles all around and in no real hurry to eat, neither of which is typically true on wake-up.

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