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Jan. 5, 2000 - Wednesday
Our cat, Paavo, seems to exhibit none of the oft-rumored jealousy of a newborn in the home. In fact, Paavo has been very much minding his own business, showing only a peripheral interest in Harry by an occasional sniff. Yet, as soon as Harry makes any kind of noise or movement the cat makes his way in a differnt direction. On the other hand, Paavo seems to have no trouble with Harry's things where they suit his purpose and has already taken to sleeping in one of Harry's soft carriers. We let him because that seems better than him adopting Harry's bassinet or stroller.

For the most part, and like a good cat, Paavo remains strictly self-interested. Whereas Harry seems to offer him no caressing, patting, nor comfort measures of any kind; and whereas, Harry seems to pose him no threat, Paavo is ambivalent.

Paavo did come around tonight and appeared to be very charming and cozy with Harry. But, his aim was clear. It was not to make friends with this new entity that occupies his house. While he got physically very close to Harry, he paid him no attention after that initial whiff. It was mother's hand that the cat was after.
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