Harry playing with rustic toys it the rustic cabin.
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October 9, 2000 - Monday
Somehow between full-time daycare and Harry's recent illness, it seems like I've been missing milestones lately. But, a weekend together in the rustic cabin brought out a couple new talents evident of Harry's continuing evolution. One such talent is pictured to the right.

Harry's been playing with this empty biscuit tin for a little while now, but only recently realized how to put the lid on. He'd seemed to understand the concept of the lid earlier, but the always seemed to have it upside down. The breakthrough was, of course, that he learned to turn it over and over the weekend he spent a great deal to putting on the lid and taking it off again. What's even more interesting
to me is that when I'd say "yeah" or congratulate him on his new accomplishment, he seemed to be somehow shy or even embarrassed about it. He'd regularly lower his chin and look downward it apparent modesty, but always with a little grin.

Harry's other big advancement is pointing and more pointing. Of course, we try to respond by giving everything he points at a name, but it's hard to know whether he's made the language connection yet or is just pointing because he gets a rise out of us from it.

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