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October 15, 2000 - Sunday
I am "dad!"...or, sometimes "daddum," "dad'n," or "da da da," but Harry's combination of pointing and the easy to babble syllables of "daddy" had us wondering today if Harry is starting to get it. Well, of course, it was I who was wondering more than his mother. Since there has yet been no sign of the pointing-mama combination, mother is understandably reserving judgment on Harry's potential language coup. But, for me,"dad," it was exciting day of possibilities and playing in the yard with a new big ball. At the hint of "dad," I also thought I heard Harry repeat "ball" (as "baw," which is different from the more common "bah") and "book" (which for Harry was pretty much limited to a slightly swooshy "k" sound). But, since "k" is not at all a natural sound for a baby, I'm saying it shows great progress and promise of Harry's imminent language breakthrough...especially since if "k" means "book," then Harry already gets it and that means "dad" was his first word!

I could live with "daddum," too. Mother is skeptical.

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