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August 17, 2001 - Friday
I've been thinking this week that it's a lot less fun these days to sing Harry to sleep. Maybe that's because the vacation at the beach last week threw off his schedule, but I don't think so. Lately he's been quite restless at bedtime and that was happening before last week. It used to be that Harry would get in bed, demand a drink of milk or water, then eventually settle down as I started to sing. It would be a nice relaxing time when I could think Harry really wanted his dad there and that he was enjoying the singing. Now, he demands his drink, but doesn't seem at all interested in settling down for the night. He flip flops in the bed, gets up and asks for more milk (although he often doesn't drink it and is only looking for ways to stay awake), and generally seems disinterested in anything other than playing little games. It makes putting him to bed a lot more work than it used to be.

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