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December 10, 2001 - Monday
You'd think from Harry that his parents were big coffee drinks. One of his most frequent make believe activities is to "make coffee" and it's a result of seeing me make espresso in our machine a fairly small number of times. Admittedly, there are periods when I do drink coffee on a near daily basic, but that's usually when I''m behind in my work or have business meetings. Even still, I have almost always ended up waiting, by circumstance more than design, until I've already dropped Harry off at daycare and returned home to grind the coffee and make the espresso.

On the other hand, those very actions are themselves quite noteworthy and, apparently, memorable. The coffee grinder is loud, as is the espresso machine when it's forcing the hot water through the packed coffee. And, tamping the coffee into the little metal sieve is probably a fun-looking activity to a little boy. One of the first times Harry saw me making coffee he smartly chided me for "using the wrong end side of the tamping spoon," but now he likes to play with the different removable pieces of the espresso maker when he's "working" at the counter with his mother, including pressing with the "wrong side of the spoon."

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