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November 15, 2001 - Thursday
"Run amok, please" It's Harry's latest game with daddy and it involves Harry running from the bed in his room, out into the hallway, and into any of the other rooms on the second floor of our house. I will either chase him or he will chase me, but either way it always ends with me grabbing Harry in a big surprise and him squealing with glee, then running back to his bedroom. It's a simple game, of course, but it's hard to beat for the half an hour or so before Harry's bath and bedtime. It's hard to beat on its own, but its an especially fun way to pass those waning moments of our day with Harry that often crumble into his dissatisfaction about either his impending bedtime or his fatigued state. Either of those cases usually produces a degree of whining that is far less pleasant than watching Harry run through the hallway with his little legs and arms pumping away.

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