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April 5, 2002 - Friday
I don't think I've ever taken Jeremy to a store before, he and I alone. I have taken him shopping with Harry, carrying him about while I push Harry in a cart, but I think today was the first time the two of us made the retail rounds by ourselves. It's funny; I did that so often with Harry and always felt so proudly self-conscious about the handsome little boy in my arms. They were truly wonderful times with Harry, especially while he was still content to remain in my arms walking about stores in awe of the vastness and the novelty. Today, I took Jeremy into two different pharmacies in search of a particular battery. The trips were short and we found the battery on the second try, but I talked to Jeremy as I used to talk to Harry about the store, our objective, and the various items on display in the aisles we passed and he, like Harry, stared in mild amazement at all the new sights in a simple pharmacy. Check-out clerk was looking at him. I was proud.

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