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March 30, 2002 - Saturday
Harry slept until almost eight this morning and we were hoping that his body was just using the time to recover from the fever he's had off and on since Wednesday, with a peak of 103.5 last evening. After all, the last time I went to see him in the middle of the night, I might have thought that the fever had broken. He was cool and very wet from sweat. Unfortunately, it was not.

Today, Harry was still sick and Jeremy, his cold mostly passed, was now left with the congealing phlegm in his nose, throat, and lungs. For an adult that would be the refreshing biological sign the the illness had ended, but in a baby just begets confusion and disorientation about why he can't breath normally. It was not a great day.

I overheard the boys' mother on the phone saying that today was worse than Harry's horrible day two weeks ago. I would never have thought that, but then, I wasn't much a part of things today as she was. I spent the morning at the local hospital emergency room for a stick I got in my eye last night. It wasn't overly serious, a relatively straightforward and self-healing scratch in my right cornea, but it hurt like hell at times so I went in. It seemed prudent, especially since Harry seemed better at first, put it effectively took me away from the two sick boys. What's more, the pain of a scratched cornea, the doctor suggested, can be quite intense for 24-36 hours and proscribed some prescription pain pills; kind of a codeine light. I found he was right, took a pill and missed another two hours of the boys' pain sleeping.

She says that there was only a time or two when both boys were crying at once and that made the day passable. But, she had to deal with three unwell boys.

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