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March 26, 2002 - Tuesday
When I used to put Harry to sleep, I'd rub his head, sing a little song often in a low voice so my chest rumbled a bit, and either gently pump his leg or rock him with my other hand. Cousin Chloe responded well to the same technique. I've done the same with Jeremy, but things are a little trickier with him because Jeremy still likes to hold hands. and if I'm head rubbing with one and leg pumping with the other, Jeremy's hands are rubbing and scratching his face, keeping himself awake. The same is true with his feet, too. He'll kick and rub his two feet together hard and aggravate himself. So, for Jeremy, I need an extra hand. I've tried rubbing his forehand with my check and pinning one of his legs between my thighs, but neither works so well. This evening, his mother and I double teamed. That worked.

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